Finally! We are headed for cooler weather day/night! Not only that, but November is chock full of action. Football games, bonfires, Thanksgiving, Black Friday….I’m sure you could add to this list as well.

During the fall season and well into the winter is also the best time to get back on track with your skin and body care. It’s TRUE! Everyone wants to LOOK and FEEL their best for the up coming holidays and gatherings. Am I right? Wildwood can help you with that!

First, take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Dark circles? Uneven skin tone from the remnants of a summer well spent in the sun? Acne? Maybe even some fine lines and wrinkles- OH MY?!

Wildwood Day Spa’s Estheticians Andrea and Jamie are PROS in this area! They are both extremely passionate about helping you feel and look your best. These ladies will help you achieve your goal(s) in ways such as establishing a routine of skin care products that are SPECIFIC for YOU, recommending treatments that are SPECIFIC FOR YOU…you catch my drift!

They are also available for all your waxing needs. Have you checked out Andrea’s eyebrows or Jamie’s porcelain skin? Yes…they practice what they preach!

Next…body care! What is this exactly? Well, body care covers things such as exfoliating body treatments to keep you from looking ashy and scaly this fall and winter; ¬†hydrating body wraps that are skin soothing and relaxing all the same; massage therapy just because it feels so good or to help with pain management and stress relief…the point is WHO doesn’t need body work? I want to meet you if you exist!! Wildwood’s team of highly trained LICENSED massage therapist WILL help you get back on the right track!

Keep a look out for Black Friday specials! They will be available for purchase on the website under gift certificates.

Health and Wellness,